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Launch X431 Diagun III PK Launch X431 Diagun

Many customers don't know what is the different of x431 diagun and x431 diagun III, compare x431 diagun, it with more software, it has 75 models software, it includes all the software that launch company researched and development now. and it is oversea model, it means wherever you buy it, you can registered and update it online. And it has no area limited, you can register and download in anywhere!

For the Launch X-431 Diagun III can be connected to external printer through USB port to print the diagnostic result in real time and support the large capacity TF card to store the diagnostic result. It has a smart, portable design and is easy to operate, and multiple languages are provided to cater for different areas in the world. on the X-431 Diagun III stands for Car Cloud logo. Car Cloud is a state-of-an-art individual application product, which is newly developed based on our LAUNCH’s vehicle diagnostic devices and technology service platform with independent intellectual property rights, mainly providing professional, intelligent vehicle monitoring and diagnosing service for car owners.

X431 Diagun III

If you want to know the car list supportted by X431 Diagun III, you can check obd2tool website, so you can know all the software list, you also can know more information of this product.

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