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How to approach the situation when use carprog full v5. 31

A lot of people choose the Carprog Full  now I list the normal query about the goods.
1 . Q: The perform S7. 8 (read the particular EOS password from your GOLF) can't be noticed.
The error communication is not connected, nevertheless the interface connection is decent.
Any: Please try to get the function regarding 93c46 EEPROM read and compose to test whether this will likely perform.



2 . not Q: Can this specific tool read 24Cxx series and also 93xx sequence EEPROM?
Any: Yes, it truly is.

a few. Q: Will this specific carprog can reset or replicate the Renault Grand Scenic 2050 UCH?
Any: No, it could certainly not.

several. Q: Why the product or service had been limited the particular frequency?
Any: If the time is now over, it needs to alter to another personal computer, copy of the application of the CD. In the event the upgrading is closed,
it will need to return that a vehicle accident ..

a few. Q: Will the Honda dashboard features will be available?
Any: No, the perform of dashboard normal is just not. because this product or service do the airbag properly, others functions is just not very good.

6th. Q: Things i need to take notice when i utilize this Carprog?
Any: Please don't update the application online, , nor use other's application, you can use the software only.

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