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update tips for Digiprog 3

Many people use the Digiprog 3 , however , they may not be notice some recommendations when they update for his or her Digiprog III Digiprog three, I show you some recommendations for updating digiprog 3
1 . make sure you close anti-virus software before getting the updated software associated with Digiprog III,
second . keeping power on throughout the updating
three. the computer cannot be in standby setting, and the power should be connected nicely. Updating time is actually aroud 10-20 min, then your device will start instantly



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Dialect: Deutsch, British, Espanol, France, Colonial, Italiano, Chicken, Nederlands

Digiprog III  Programmer with Full Software By using the brand new DIGIPROG III, the actual odometer adjustment is a air flow. Intelligent accessories and substantial manuals are enclosed.

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