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How China PIWIS tester 2 make key learning online

How China PIWIS tester 2 make key learning online

Some users think highly of China PIWIS Tester 2 only because its trouble diagnostic function, I.E this sentence quoted in one user:
“I take advantage of mine daily… updates… OEM DVD’s
Only thing that you just canrrrt do is Panamera and newer car Ignition key adaptations.
They are working away at an offline solution because of this.”

This user and lots of other users don’t know, China PIWIS tester2 could make Key Learning Online, I.E this sentence quoted from another senior technician:
“I´ve made the purchase Piwis 2 with Panasonic CF30 around $1,699.00.
Works fantastic and stable!
SW is 14.000 V with one Year free Update
It provides a Team Viewer agreeable, just for them to update to make Key Learning Online.”

Then steps to make China PIWIS tester 2 key learning online?
The answer is you'll need a merchant account for doing that. You need to understand, contact support services and still provide them the sort and year of the car, they will give you, this account cost $220 per time

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