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The way to Update Tango Key Programmer

Tango key programmer is developed to cover, study, create and create the latest transponders applied within the most up-to-date vehicle immobilizer technologies. And it truly is 100% original, update on the web free of charge, but there's one issue really should be noticed, the tango should be updated after you get it inside 28 days, or it will likely be locked.

tips on how to update Tango key programmer? It truly is pretty simple to operate, Initial, open the software program, you will see the ??Help??, then click support to pick ??On-Line Update??, and then it'll update automatically.

Build a Key Step by Step
Firstly, run the key maker interface
based on the automobile and study information and facts inside the "Info" window. Watch theData location field describes the memory chip. Learn the chip inside with the immobilizer and study it. Save the study information (dump).
Click the "OPEN IMMOBILIZER FILE" button and load the saved dump.
system will analyse the dump.
When the dump is right the "WRITE" button will develop into active and the "Keys" window will show the selection of key numbers that may be developed.
Have a look at the "Info" window, the Permitted transponder field.
Make certain you use a transponder exactly the indicated variety.
Spot the transponder in to the coil.
Select the key position you need produce inside the "Keys" window.
Click the "WRITE" button.
begins the writing procedure and transponder might be stored using the suitable data.
At this point
you could possibly be asked to save a new immobilizer dump.
system displays a common File Save dialog exactly where it's important to save the information.
Just after this you can be informed concerning the new information saved and has to be written in to the immobiliser.

there are some FAQs about the Tango key programmer you'll be able to refer to


2015 BMW ICOM A3 Specialist Diagnostic Tool Updated Generation of BMW ICOM A2

2015 BMW ICOM A3 Experienced Diagnostic Tool Updated Generation of BMW ICOM A2

2015 BMW ICOM A3
Qualified Diagnostic Tool is definitely the newest diagnostic tool for BMW, updated version of BMW ICOM A2. BMW ICOM A3 can support BMW all series diagnose and programming.

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K-TAG ECU Programming Tool V2.11 FW V6.070 Free Download

V2.11 KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming Tool Master Version
Latestsoftware V2.11 with newest hardware version V6.070
two. Support BDM Function Nicely
3. Limitless Tokens assistance
4. Obtainable Protocols for K-TAG: BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
5. Multi-Language help: English/ Italian/ German/ French/ Portuguese/ Spanish
Ktag Connection
Consideration: you could get error when youdid notfollowthe subsequentsteps.
Firstly: download all
opt for all .zip components, suitable click and unzip to current folder
Pick out all .rar components, ideal click and unrar to a folder.
Finally, you cancheck all files within a new folder.
Make sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software program
Please note,anti-virus
computer software can flag up this productcomputer software as getting a virus. This is a false positive and is as a result of the software program containing the application file like .exe. So Just before setup the device application, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a much moretrustworthy virus scanner! Our itemsoftware is entirelyprotected and virus totally free and all other virus scanners confirm this.
If thesoftware programdata is destroyed or lost since you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus application, please get in touch with our customer support, we arrange to resend you CD or send you the softwarethrough internet

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