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Launch Creader Professional CRP229, CRP129 123 Premium


The LAUNCH CRP 229Launch CRP123 Premium and Launch CRP129 Premium are the new solution for car owners and services for express-diagnostics, with the maximum possibilities at relatively low cost.

For models LAUNCH CRP 123 / 129 Premium device capabilities allows read and erase error codes with explanations, read the current data on the four basic systems of the car – engine, transmission, ABS (ESP, DSC), Airbag (SRS), and for CRP 129 Premium are offered additional features for programming and service intervals resetting, some basic adaptations for the main important functions and ability of diagnostic of the system EPB (electronic parking brake) / SBC (Sensotronic brake control module).

Sample of screens of LAUNCH CRP 123 / 129 Premium


The ?mayor? scanner version CRP 229 some features coming near to diagnostic level of equipments of professional series, there are more capabilities of basic adaptations and functions in comparing with CRP 129 Premium – ability of ABS bleeding, adaptation of throttle valve and some other functions. The principal difference from junior series CRP 123 / 129 Premium is the support of diagnostics for all available vehicle electronic systems and vehicles with ?old? types of diagnostic sockets with optional adapters and ability to perform remonte diagnostics with optional accsessory Golo, for example with Golo Carcare. The device is equipped with the hardware buttons and touch screen, more powerfull hardware, Wi-Fi, built-in battery, OS Android, built-in software upgrade tool for easy update via Wi-Fi and other functions. The device is a simplified version of scanners of professional series, it is a successor of semiprofessional scanners of previous generations Launch X-431 Autobook and Quicheck.

Sample of screens of LAUNCH CRP 229


More functional and elegant CRP 229 would switch the professional device in the large service, when it will be busy on another car, when not needed very specific professional capabilities or for those, where there is no deep diagnostic level requirements. Solution CRP 129 Premium is especially useful for small services, service reception points and body/repair services for express-diagnostics depending on the requirements to the level of diagnostics, and low-cost CRP 123 Premium is suitable even for private use of individuals who have some of their own cars. Little size equipment allows to take it easily with you or express mechanic and make right on the road preliminary diagnosis. Easy and intuitive menu allows using it to anyone, even a service mechanic or private person.

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Delivery set


1. The main unit
2. Diagnostic cable with connector OBD-II
3. USB cable
4. Micro SD Card reader (only for CRP 123 / 129 Premium)
5. User’s manual (only for CRP 123 / 129 Premium, built-in memory for 229)
6. Charging unit (only for CRP 229)
7. Packaging


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