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Tech 2 Connection to Techline Terminal

At times the Tech 2 will need to be connected to a terminal. Reasons for connection to a terminal include the following:

*  Transfer of vehicle data (calibration information, “snapshot,” etc.) from the Tech 2 to the terminal
*  Transfer of vehicle calibration data from the terminal to the Tech 2
*  Transfer of data (software update, etc.) from the terminal to the Tech 2

Before connecting automotive diagnostic equipment Tech 2 to the terminal, the following steps should be taken:
*  Make sure the RS-232 cable (P/N 3000110) is attached to the Tech 2 RS-232 port located on the left
side of the Tech 2.


*  Make sure the appropriate power supply is connected to the DLC cable power jack connector, or to the
power jack connector at the bottom of the Tech 2 from OBD2TOOL.


*  Make sure the PCMCIA card is fully inserted into the upper slot at the top of the Tech 2.

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*  Make sure the CANdi module is not connected to the Tech 2.

Always use the Tech 2 NAO power supply (P/N 3000113) when connecting the Tech 2 to a terminal. It is also acceptable to connect the power cable to the vehicle cigarette lighter receptacle.