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Complete TPMS & all System Service Tablet Tool

As the first comprehensive TPMS & Diagnostic tool in the market, MaxiTPMS TS608 provides you with superior experience in TPMS health check, sensor programming, TPMS relearn, all system diagnostics as well as special service functions. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen with 1024  600P resolution and a VCI mini for wireless communication with the test vehicle, powered by the quad-core Cortex-A9 processor for smooth operation and featured by advanced TPMS & Diagnostic technology, MaxiTPMS TS608 on OBD2TOOL is setting new standards for TPMS service tools.

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Complete Tpms Functions
1. Activate all known TPMS sensors and read sensor status.
2. Diagnose ECU for complete TPMS health check with DTC description.
3. Read DTCs from ECU and erase DTCs.
4. Program MX-Sensors by copying original sensor IDs or creating new IDs randomly.
5. On-tool relearn procedure and wide OBD relearn coverage.
6. Toolkit, special TPMS functions.

All Systems Diagnostics
1. Read/clear codes for all available electronic systems.
2. Turn off warning lights.
3. Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review
4. Supports all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs
5. Enhanced OBDII Mode 6

Advanced Service Features
1. Relearn parking brake pad after replacement
2. Reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS)
3. Reset service mileage and service intervals
4. Forced regeneration and adjusting injectors
5. Support battery registration and reset
6. Support IMMO functions

Wireless Bluetooth Maxi-VCI Mini
The latest compact size Wireless Bluetooth MaxiVCI Mini OBDII connector can transmit vehicle data to the tablet without a physical connection. Enhanced wireless bluetooth connectivity between the tablet and VCI device allows greater service mobility and easier TPMS sensor interaction on  while the tablet is still connected to the vehicle for data transmission.



Ford VCM 2 VCM II IDS FAQs Guide For Customers

OEM VCM 2 IDS For Ford Diagnostic and Key Programming Tool Full Chip Version was one of bestselling diagnostic tool for Ford IDS V101 and Mazda V94. Ford VCM II VCM 2 provides dealer-level diagnostics using the IDS software and supports multi-functions with a great performance at decent price. Maybe just these reasons to account for why VCM II was so hot and popular. And Following are some FAQs that customers maybe most cared and hope it will be useful.

Q1: When i installed Ford VCM II on Windows 7 system,there is an error read as “unregistered USB device”,what should i do?Please help.
A1: Please change your system to Windows XP or Change another windows XP computer to install.

Q2 : What is the big different between VXDIAG VCX NANO and VCM 2 ?
A2 : Both are amazing diagnostic tools,and you can check the comparison between them right here to get more useful informations : Ford VCM II vs VXDIAG VCX NANO ( Red ) vs VXDIAG VCX Pro 3 in 1

Q3 : Is the VCM II IDS original one or clone one ?
A3 : The Ford VCM II we sold was china version,but we can promise,the quality is super high and 100% working,this tool has been tested by so many customers,till now,didnt receive any complain.

Q4 : Can VCM II program module?Like Fuel injection control module?
A4 : Yes,it can program module,Fuel injection control module is a part of engine ecu

Q5 : Whether the VCM II can work on Ford Crown Victoria 1998?
A5 : If this car support standard OBD2 connector, it can work on it. It can support Ford / Mazda Gasoline / Diesel Cars From 1996 to 2015,which provides full dealer diagnostic capabilities for most 16 pin cars 1996-2015, including for all new 2013 vehicles.

Q6 : How can I get incode for key programming?
A6 : You need to get the incode by Ford Outcode/Incode Calculator first, then use the VCM to do keys(If you have other tool to get the incode, it is ok as well)

Q7 :  How to install DFStd Freeze Software For Ford VCM II Diagnostic Tool ?
A7 :  you can check it here to find useful guide : Ford VCM 2 VCM II IDS Guide : How to Install DFStd Freeze Software

Q8 : Is it easy to use FORD VCM II VCM 2 ?
A8 : yeah,it is easy to use and just in case of your need,here is a VCM II User Guide For Ford and Mazda users : How to Use Ford VCM II VCM 2 IDS Scan Tool For Ford V101.03 Mazda V94

Q9 :  How’s Ford VCM 2 PCB ?
A9 : it is well made with great quality,see here




Tango Transponder Key Programmer Original or Clone

Is it worth the money to have a OEM Tango key programmer? How about the quality of the Cloned? Here you go.

Part 1: what is Tango, original vs clone?

TANGO = Key maker by dump file and have some function for OBD2 in Toyota cars.

Genuine Tango has basic software, made by Scorpio

Clone OEM Tango has full software,made by Fly

Part 2: Tango key programmer good or not?

clone Tango: poor quality

The Chinese sell genuine (OEM) and original Tango. The OEM one is from FLY and it is cheaper with poorer quality.

The original Tango is from scorpio. At that price it won’t be a clone.

Tango from fly: waste time and money

don’t waste time and money for Tango from fly… Last week I bought original Tango from scorpio so I can compare and every keys and dump which China Tango can NOT program the original Tango did it straight away without any problem!!!

Buy clone Tango from FLY = Buy Disappointment

Buy original Scorpio Tango = Buy Happiness

clone Tango: bad PCB

This is what i have. China clone…the board is not good, poor quality


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original Tango: happy

I got mine
It is original and support from Scorpio is second to none. Got help on a Sunday morning from them!
Everything from Fly is rubbish. There has been enough posted about them and their products on this and other forums to make an informed choice and avoid their products.
I have no connection with any sellers. But I am always happy to share info on good products and sellers.

Part 3: Can I buy Tango original from China?

Scorpio Tango from a Chinese distributor: happy

Scorpio have a Chinese distributor who supplies all Chinese sellers.
It is a 100% original tool which you must register with Scorpio for updates and support.
I have one and it is a great tool. I bought mine from OBD2TOOL and I am very happy with it.

Original Tango from China: good tool;

The Chinese sell genuine and Auto Key Programmer original Tango. It is not a clone. I bought one. I am not an idiot. I saved a little money. I get one to one support from Scorpio, even on a Sunday morning. It is a very good tool. 100% original. Best tool I ever got from China.

In conclusion:

To be a locksmith:

go for the Genuine but you have to invest more than a Tango

For fun:

you can try with the Clone; probably it is ok for a DIYer, if you have the luck

My advice is:

don’t buy any tango from Fly, you never know what will happen to you