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KESS V2 not works with k-line or does not work well

Feedback from some KESS V2 user: Car ECU Programmer KESS V2 not works with some k-line or does not work well.

The 9613 chip is Chinese standard, not international standard, so the technical parameter is not compatible, and neither is the chip from Malaysia Thailand and Taiwan. Advice users buy the America-made 9613 chip to replace it.

In the near future, Chinese factory will use Chinese 9637 to replace 9613, and this error will gradually disappear.


In the near future, Chinese factory will use Chinese 9637 to replace 9613, and this error will gradually disappear.

If you have more problem about KESS V2 pls read:FAQs about V2.23 Kess V2 OBD2 Tuning Kit

Hope it can help you solve you problems.

Our customers feedback some problem about kess v2 at,we sovled it and have written below,if you have same problems,it will help you.

BMW F25 Auto Start-and-Stop Coding with E-sys Interface


Here are tips/ intructions of coding auto start-and-stop for BMW F25 with ENET cable and E-sys interface by OBD2TOOL.


To code the ASS to off as default with esys…


BMW x3 f25

Tool suggestion:

– Best is to have psdz data that corresponds to the i-level of your car.

– Technically, you can use any version of E-Sys with any version of PSdZData, so long as that version of E-Sys is Patched, and has a .EST Token with current Validity. The issue is that BMW made changes to the PSdZData beginning with 48.2 for F20 / F30, and then in 48.3 for all other chassis, that required an updated Patch / Token, which rendered the E-Sys 3.22.5 version most everyone was using, aka “the free version”, needing a new Patch / Token, and continue to use the newest BMW ICOM Software.


Add “OMSA” to FA (in Ho-wort folder), write FA to car (not forget about backup partner) and code CAS.

E-Sys read I-Level steps:

E Sys Read


I-Step current is what you have.
In most events, just use the PSdZData 49.4, and you will be fine.

If you do not want to modify VO by adding the HO-Wort, you can FDL Code one of these in CAS module depending on your BMW ICOM A2:

TC_MSA_DEFAULT_OFF = aktiv (Turn Auto Start/Stop OFF by default)
TC_MSA_MEMORY = aktiv (Sets car’s Auto Start/Stop function to start in the last used setting (e.g. Off) when the engine is started)


What to do if ICOM A2 prompt “The connection to ISIS is lost”

When I was doing programming with ICOM A2, i cut off the power by accident and then it prompts that “The connection to ISIS is lost..”

icom-a2- ISIS-connection-lost-solved
Possible reasons given:
– ISIS is restarting right now
– ISIS is down
– Networkconfig of the ISIS has changed

Advice given by the system:
– Wait until ISIS is available
– Solve problem of the ISIS (maybe call support)
– Change offline mode

Solution by professional technician at
Click OK.


Click here (marked with red).

Select “Direct cable”.

Switch connection mode to XOVER in progress…
Click OK.

Click OK.

Click here (marked with red)
Device is configuring. Do not change anything on network. Network changes may cause an inconsistant system and requires a reboot.

If you see the interface below, it means that you succeed in settling “connection to ISIS is lost”
Tips above are mainly available for China BMW ICOM A2+B+C.