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2013 New ICOM A2 Diagnostic & Programming Regarding BMW ICOM A2+B+C On the market

BMW ICOM A2 Diagnostic & Programming will be the professional diagnostic tools for OF HIGH QUALITY. Cover Coding and programming in with software ISTA/D and also ISTA/P, Full COMPREHENSIVE PROFESSIONAL VENDOR SYSTEM FOR ALL OF HIGH QUALITY (BMW, Mini, Progresses Royce, BMW Motocycle) AROUND 2013. The full method replace DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and also OPPS.


icom a2

OF HIGH QUALITY ICOM now is the latest committed car diagnostic tool for the OF HIGH QUALITY vehicles, and the OF HIGH QUALITY ICOM A+B+C is essential diagnostic software for this tool. And after this, the OF HIGH QUALITY ICOM A2+B+C as a second creation of the diagnostic interface is additionally available in a.

As a possible external MOST interface for that ICOM A and also ICOM A2, ICOM B attaches with the ICOM A by way of a USB auto diagnostic series. However , the electronic operations of ICOM B can only perform if the minimum supply voltage in the ICOM A will be 8V. Compared to the OF HIGH QUALITY ICOM A, the OF HIGH QUALITY BMW ICOM A2+B+C is equipped with any stronger processor and has an even more storage capacity.
We could the professional auto diagnostic equipment supplier in China. Our website is www obd2tool com. Our company offer factory selling price for both BMW ICOM and OF HIGH QUALITY ICOM A2+B+C. Should you be looking for auto the facts tools, please let us know.