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The Best Car Code Reader

As far as the scanner diagnosing the problem – there’s not a scan tool on the market that will tell you exactly which part to change. It’s a common misconception that a scanner or Car Code Reader will tell you what’s wrong with a car and why the check engine light is on. Using the trouble/fault code that is retrieved (pulled) can point you in the right direction. However, even a $5,000 scan tool will NOT tell you definitively which part has failed.

Auto Code Reader is a very popular choice for the DIY (Do it Yourself-er) and for many used car dealers that want to read codes before the auction (or clear the codes prior to their car being ran through). The size of this tool makes it easy to carry in your pocket. No frills, just a good basic code reader with about 3,000 definitions for Global OBD 2 codes. This code reader works on all cars with US emissions, OBD II connector 1996 and up.

Launch CRP Professional 123 is a basic OBD2 code reader that is great for the DIY (Do it Yourself-er) or the auto mechanic that would like to have the convenience of reading and clearing Power Train Codes, without the expense of owning a more elaborate scan tool. The Launch CReader is also capable of working on vehicles with CAN protocol. Controller-Area-Network, or CAN-bus is a new computer network standard that enables multiple control modules to communicate with each other.